Addiction Intervention

What is an Addiction Intervention?

An addiction intervention is an orchestrated attempt by one or a group of people (normally friends and family) to convince someone to seek help for there addiction. Addiction Intervention is commonly used to address alcohol addiction, drug addiction, prescription drug addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction, gambling addiction and depression. An intervention is always pre-planned with a professional interventionist and the friends or family members involved. Interventions were first used in the 1960 after Dr Vernon Johnson used them to convince patients to seek treatment for addictions.

Intervention for what?

Often people may not even realise how they are behaving when in active addiction. An intervention can be a quick way of showing them the physical and emotional damage they are causing. We have never not succeeded in getting someone into treatment using our intervention method. We are able to do interventions for addictions to Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, Cat, Crystal Meth, Mandrax, MDMA, Ketamine, Crack, Nyaope, Heroin & Prescription drugs. We can also do interventions for Eating Disorders, Sex Addiction, Gambling Addiction & Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Contact us to arrange an Addiction Intervention today.

Where we do Addiction Interventions?

We have specialist addiction interventionists situated all across South Africa & the UK. Normally we can arrange an intervention very quickly as time is of the utmost importance when it comes to interventions.

Intervention South Africa

We cover the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State, Kwazulu Natal, Northern Cape, North East, Gauteng, Limpopo, Lesotho & Mpumalanga. We also have some of the best addiction rehab clinics in South Africa.

Intervention in UK

We cover every inch of the UK including Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales & England.