Alchol Addiction

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Alcohol addiction can effect anyone. I know this from first hand experience! Statistics suggest that alcohol addiction affects as many as 17.5 million South Africans directly. This figure does not include the strain put on families, hospitals and local authorities. Alcohol addiction is a growing problem worldwide. Alcohol Addiction dramatically hampers the lives not only of the alcoholic but those closest to them.

Many organisations exist to help combat alcohol addiction but often the suffering alcohol addict will choose to isolate. This is usually done in order to keep the addiction a secret. This in turn leads to further problems and often leads to heavier more problematic drinking. The thought of going to an alcoholics anonymous meeting or checking into a alcohol addiction rehab centre can sometimes be too much and it seems easier to continue drinking than face reality.

Alcohol Addiction in turn leads to an unmanageable life. Missing Mondays at work, not paying bills on time and legal problems all become more and more common as the illness of the addiction progresses.

Some people can stop drinking easily on there own and suffer no bad side-effects when doing this. Sadly for others this is not an option. Alcohol Addiction will eventually adsorb ones life until drinking or where to get the next drink is all that can be thought about. Once a person is physically Addicted to alcohol stopping drinking can be a daunting thought. Stopping without the right help can cause serious health problems including shaking, hallucinations, seizures and even death. This is why it is vital that when in active alcohol addiction that your detox is done safely and professionally.

Thankfully here at Home Detox South Africa we have a dedicated team of alcohol addiction specialists waiting to help. We cover all of South Africa and can arrange a home detox programme to suit your needs.