Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Call Home Detox South Africa today to find out more on our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Or email help@homedetoc.co.uk – Our outpatient addiction treatment now covers most of South Africa and payment plans are available.

Here at Home Detox South Africa we are aware many people cannot attend a rehabilitation centre due to family and work commitments. Also financial constraints often prevent people getting the help they need. This is why we offer a full outpatient addiction treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our programme can be flexible to suit your individual needs and we can even arrange payment plans for our outpatient addiction treatment making it accessible to many people.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment – What can we treat?

Our outpatient addiction treatment programme can treat all addictions including alcohol, cannabis, crystal meth, crack, cocaine, heroin, ketamine, nyaope and prescription drugs. We can also adapt our programme for eating disorders and process addictions such as sex addiction or gambling addiction. Our team of specialists all come from a background of substance addiction so can offer ample advice. Here at Home Detox South Africa we understand what you are going through as we have been through it! Call our friendly team today for free confidential advice on addiction. You can also email us anytime of the day on help@homedetox.co.za – we are here 24/7!

Outpatient Addiction Treatment – Am I suitable?

We understand everyone is different and that is why not everyone who applies for our outpatient addiction treatment is suited to the programme. At HDSA we want you to get the most suitable treatment! Often rehab is a better option in some cases and if we feel this is the case we will advise you. The last thing we want to do is offer anybody an ineffective treatment! We pride ourselves on results, our friendly service & our dedicated team of addiction specialists.

Are you or a loved on suffering with addiction? Contact Home Detox South Africa today for free advice regarding our outpatient addiction treatment. Alternatively email us help@homedetox.co.za – We are waiting to help you help yourself!!