Corporate Addiction

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Corporate Addiction Treatment – Why?

Corporate addiction treatment is now something that has to be considered even by smaller businesses. With employee rights rising and addiction now being classed as a disease employers should really consider offering an addiction treatment programme for staff. At Home Detox South Africa we have created a work based corporate addiction treatment programme that works around your business.

If you were to send an employee to a rehab clinic the costs can quickly spiral upwards. Not only the cost of treatment but the lost work hours and disruption to business can ensure costs spiral out of control. Labour law now dictates that an employee may not be dismissed for addiction and must be given an opportunity to receive treatment either at the cost of the employee or business. If an employee is suffering with addiction it is likely the company will be impacted by under productive input, sick days and lateness. With all this taken into account addiction can be very costly to a business and that’s why we now specialise in Corporate Addiction Treatment.

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Corporate Addiction Treatment – What we offer

Our Corporate addiction treatment programme is designed to slot in with existing employee assistance and wellness programmes and even compliment them. The programme itself can be blended around work hours and be offered in your own workplace ensuring your employee is receiving treatment. We send our specialist addiction staff to you making the entire process easier and sometimes more comfortable for all involved.

Corporate Addiction Treatment – The Outline

Run over 8 weeks the programme looks to deal with all issues associated with addiction and the behaviours surrounding. The programme starts with 2 one on one sessions per week (1 hour each). This would then taper down to one session per week when we feel your employee is ready. Outside of these sessions we offer 24/7 email and telephone support with their own dedicated addiction specialist (same person holding sessions).

Areas covered in the program are unfulfilled emotional needs, character disorders, faulty belief systems, building a strong personal foundation, coping with pressure and stress of addiction, work and life, performance coaching and life coaching using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Corporate Addiction Treatment – Work based not suitable?

During our initial telephone assessment we will be able to understand weather your employee is suited to work/home based treatment or if they need residential treatment in one of our addiction clinics. We have clinics all across the world not only South Africa and as such can give you the best options available if needed.

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