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Steroid Addiction is a growing problem worldwide (pardon the pun)!There are many different types of steroid and they are used for different reasons. Steroids are widely used in modern western medicine as a way of helping someone cope with serious illness. Steroids are also widely used in many sports, some more than others. Typically most steroid addicts are involved in Body Building but the trend of steroid addiction is spreading to more areas of life and casual steroid users are appearing in many areas of life.

Steroids work fantastically for any reason when not abused. When abused and used without the correct information steroids can have a dramatic impact on ones physical and mental health. Steroids (especially tablets) are typically methylated and as such have a dramatic impact on the kidney’s and liver. Combined with any other substance and steroid abuse leads to fatalities quickly. I have witnessed this first hand.

Most Commonly Known Steroids

  • Testosterone – Tes, test, juice
  • Anavar – Oxandrolone, Var
  • Winstrol – Stanozolol, Winnies
  • Trenbolone – Tren, Finaplix, Liquid Gold
  • Deca-Durabolin – Durabolin, Nandrolone
  • Dianabol – Dbol, D-Bol, D Bombs
  • Equipoise – boldenone undecylenate
  • Sustanon – Sus
  • Clenbuterol – Clen
  • Anadrol
  • Primobolan – methenolone
  • Tyranabol – Tbol, T-Bol, T Bombs

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Steroid Addiction Home Detox South Africa

At Home Detox South Africa we can offer you a safe and comfortable way to Detox from steroid addiction at home. We can offer a service which will include a detox package to match your needs.

Steroid Addiction in South Africa

Steroid addiction in South Africa and the world is rising quickly. Many are unaware they are addicted to steroids until the signs are so obvious others tell them. The side effects of steroids include mood swings, acne and impotence amongst others. If you want to know some more contact us today.

Do you or a friend have a Steroid Addiction?

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