GEMS Medical Aid


Did you know that GEMS pays for you addiction and psychiatric treatment at a registered clinic? Contact Home Detox today for a list of GEMS approved facilities in your area. Rehabilitation for addiction and psychiatric disorders has never been more accessible.

Home Detox provides the best treatment options for our clients who are members of GEMS Medical Scheme. GEMS is one of the largest medical schemes in South Africa and has been servicing government employees since the inception of democracy in the Republic.

Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction and psychiatric problems? If you are, then you have taken the first step by landing on our website. Home Detox has been assisting GEMS members in finding the best treatment solution for them for over 10 years. Liberate yourself by finding out which treatment facility best suites your needs.

Are you considering why you should seek treatment?

Although society often doesn’t acknowledge it, addiction is a chronic disease. Regardless of the substance, once addiction develops, stopping can seem impossible. Without the professional help, individuals are much more likely to give in to the urge to use again and fall into relapse.

At a reputable treatment facility, individuals can receive supportive care in a safe, confidential, and therapeutic environment. Our experienced and compassionate medical professionals guide guests through each phase of the recovery process. Along the way, we give our patients the tools they need to stay on the right path and avoid relapse.

Using a holistic care approach, facilities take each individual’s needs and past experiences into account. The aim is to help all clients achieve not only sobriety but a healthy, productive future as well.