Anorexia Treatment

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Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder and mental health condition that can be life-threatening. It can affect anyone! Anorexia is characterized by large food restrictions, an irrational fear weight gain and distorted body image. It was always believed that it was a very gender orientated illness only affecting females but statistics released recently across the world show that males are also hugely affected by Anorexia.  Many people suffer for years with Anorexia or other eating disorders without seeking hep or advice through fear of being judged. Our Anorexia Treatment programmes are specifically tailored to your needs as we understand everyone is different and everyone has different needs. The most important step is admitting you have a problem and seeing Anorexia treatment & advice.

Anorexia Treatment South Africa

Anorexia Treatment in South Africa like addiction treatment is amongst the best in the world. Many people travel from as far as the United States for Anorexia treatment in South Africa. What attracts people is the quality, success and prices of the treatment here and this trend is set to rise with Anorexia Treatment standards rising across the country. Many stigma’s are attached to Eating Disorders and that is why we pride ourselves on providing a confidential and friendly advice service. We have Anorexia Treatment clinics right across South Africa so wherever you are we will be able to assist. We can usually offer same day admissions and even transportation.

Medical Aid Will Cover Your Anorexia Treatment

All of our clinics that offer Anorexia Treatment across South Africa accept medical aid for your treatment. Call us today or email for free confidential advice in relation to Anorexia Treatment!

Eating Disorders

In addition to Anorexia we can also treat Bulimia and Over Eating.