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We dont think there is a better place to begin your alcohol or drug rehab treatment than in one of our clinics. With clinics all across the world we offer same day admissions in most countries. More often than not we can actually arrange free transportation to the centre aswell. Our staff come form an addictions background and have been to rehab centres so understand exactly what you are going through.

Our clinics work specifically on the challenges of addiction and co-occurring disorders like sex addiction, gambling addiction, co-dependence, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, depression and anxiety. Our rehab centres offer what we beleive is the best treatment in the world. All our centres have a team of professional, caring and more importantly understanding staff.

With treatment programmes from 5 day detox to 6 month residential rehab we have options to suit all people. More often than not people are placed in rehab centres that are closest or cheapest for convenience. At HDSA we do not believe in that. We will always place our patients in the most suitable clinic for them so they can achieve the best results.

Rehab where?

We have great rehab centres in South Africa, England, Scotland, Dubai, India, Namibia, Mozambique, Switzerland & Tanzania. For fast admissions for you or a friend call us today on 2787 550 1938 or email us

Rehab South Africa?

We cover every inch of South Africa and have specialist addictions rehab clinics in The Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Lesotho, Kwazulu Natal, Gauteng, Free State & Mpumalanga. Contact us now for fast admissions to South African drug and alcohol rehab centres rehab centres.

What can these rehab centres treat?

Our centres are specialised to treat many addictions and compulsive disorders. We have specialised clinics for Cannabis, Cocaine , Crack , Crystal Meth, Cat, Alcohol, Heroin, MDMA, Mandrax, Nyaope, Ketamine & Prescription Drug.