Namibia Rehab

Namibia Rehab for drug and alcohol addiction treatment now open. Our Namibia rehab can offer same day admissions as well as transportation to our clinic. Contact us today for a free assessment at (South Africa) email – Our team are waiting to help you beat addiction!

Our Namibia rehab is a brand new facility recently set up to satisfy the demand of dependency treatment in the region. We have experienced a sudden rise in dependence within Namibia and a lot of people are unable to travel to other countries for dependence treatment. We are additionally able to deal with PTSD, depressionstress and anxiety.

Namibia Rehab – The Team

We have some of the best addiction staff in the whole world at our Namibia rehab clinic including psychiatrists, trauma specialists, physicians, nurses and a nutritionist. We also have our own catering team enabling us to cater for all dietary requirements. The clinic is set in nature surrounded by untouched beauty and boasts a swimming pool, gym and chalet type accommodation.

Namibia Rehab – Admissions procedure

Entrance to our Namibia Rehabilitation clinic was created to be hassle free. We can take admissions around the clock and even handle sever cross dependency instances as we’ve medical staff on site 24 hours a day.

Namibia Rehab – Things to expect?

The very first thing we do at our Namibia Rehab is make you feel at home. Our first goal is to detox our client from whatever dependence they had and make them as comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

After the detox procedure is completed our clients are introduced to our recovery programme that includes some of the most successful strategies to addiction treatment from all over the world.

We provide our clients an extensive aftercare service and lifetime support. We feel this permits us to establish a more powerful and long term healing group in the procedure. For more information on our Mozambique rehab and to organize admission call (SA) 087 550 1938 or email – Alternatively you are able to complete the form below and we’ll contact you when possible.

If rehabilitation is just not an option why not check out our Home Detox Service – We now cover South Africa along with Namibia & Mozambique.

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