Rehab In Durban

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Deciding to go to a Durban Rehab is a big decision. A decision that could change your life for the better forever. Durban has seen huge changes over the last two decades and has become a cosmopolitan mecca in South Africa. With the rise in wealth and modernisation has come an influx of drugs and with that we have seen a rise in addiction. Crystal Meth (Tik) is believed to have spread from Cape Town to Durban with drastic effects. Dagga (Cannabis) & Alcohol still remain the most abused drugs in Kwazulu Natal but Crystal Meth use is rising rapidly and rehab admissions for Tik addiction are rising nationally.

Durban itself has responded to the addiction epidemic in a positive way with many addiction rehab centres opening over recent years. Our Durban Rehab centres are classed as some of the best in the world. Facilities at our Durban rehab clinics include swimming pools, gym facilities and a range of other modern features. We have programmes to suit all needs from a 5 day detox right through to a 12 months stay.

Medical Aid accepted

Our Durban Rehab clinics accept Medical Aid. This means you may not have to pay anything for the addiction treatment you require. We can arrange an addiction Intervention in Durban. For more information on Interventions please click here. We can also arrange free transportation to our Durban rehab Clinics.

Our specialised Durban Rehab Centres are able to treat  many addictions and compulsive disorders. We have specialised clinics for Cannabis, Cocaine , Crack , Crystal Meth, Cat, Alcohol, Heroin, MDMA, Mandrax, Nyaope, Ketamine & Prescription Drug addiction. We can also treat Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Sex Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Love Addiction, Depression & Eating disorders.

Not in Durban?

We can help wherever you are in South Africa or the world! We have specialist addictions rehab clinics in The Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Western Cape, Free State & Mpumalanga. Contact us now for fast admissions to South African drug and alcohol rehab centres at

Not in South Africa?

We have great rehab centres in England, Scotland, Dubai, India, Namibia, Mozambique, Switzerland & Tanzania. For fast admissions for you or a friend call us today on +4484 5508 9616 or email us

For more information on addiction statistics in Durban & South Africa see this external site.