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Switzerland Rehab – Alcohol Addiction

In 2006 it was stated that  as many as 300,000 people in Switzerland were alcohol dependent. Figures since then have been mixed but the general consensus is that this figure has risen dramatically. Alcohol Addiction in Switzerland effects more than just the user, the number of people effected directly or indirectly by alcohol addiction is considerably larger than 300,000. Alcohol consumption on a whole in Switzerland has been steadily declining since the 1980 but the current consumption is unevenly spread  with 11% of the of the population consuming over half of all the alcohol consumed in Switzerland. Uneven spreads in consumption of alcohol such as this lead to large numbers of alcohol dependent people. We have Switzerland Rehab Clinics spread across the country that can treat alcohol addiction and are waiting to help you today. We can even arrange transportation to get you to the rehab clinic.

Switzerland Rehab – Drug Addiction

Drug addiction in Switzerland is considered relatively low in comparison to the UK. Questions over figures released in relation to Swiss drug addiction have been questioned by action groups with regard to their accuracy. Studies by action groups on a list of Swiss cities found Cocaine use and Cocaine addiction to be prevalent among professionals. Cocaine was describes as cheap and easy to get in Zurich, Geneva and Lucerne. Drug addiction worldwide has seen a dramatic rise in the last decade due mainly to the ease in availability and cheaper prices.

Switzerland Rehab – Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug addiction internationally is rising by the day. A real concern for governments and local authorities worldwide is the the dependence on Prescription Drugs and the ease in which they are obtained through prescriptions. With such a liberal approach in Switzerland in relation to Prescription Drugs, addiction is rife.

Switzerland Rehab – Process Addictions & Compulsive Disorders

Our Swiss rehab clinics are able to treat all process addictions & compulsive disorders including Gambling Addiction, Sex Addiction, Love Addiction, Codependency, Eating Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Internet Addiction.

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Worldwide  Rehab Clinics

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Our clinics work specifically on the challenges of addiction and co-occurring disorders like sex addiction, gambling addiction, co-dependence, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, depression and anxiety.

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